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Vectorize your raster for adaptable pleasing graphics you can use it anyplace for branding and self-promoting.
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Brand managers, Marketers are among the most demanding clients when it comes to vector conversion service. And we are happy for that to be the case because we take raster to vector services very sincerely. There is more than a simple vector conversion service behind a clean and crisp graphics. Vector conversion service ensures that your image is 100% flawlessly vectorized down to the last unnoticeable pixel.

Image Editing House started to offer vector conversion services in 2012. Our customers had many difficulties converting their rasters to vectors. They lost too much time. Tiny details could mess up their entire projects. Even other professional photography studio owners started outsourcing their photos when we performed the first raster to vector services.

Now, we are glad to provide full Vector Conversion Services to tackle any project, no matter how difficult. We have concentrated so much experience from our customers in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Italy, Germany, and India that we can provide completely satisfying art for the various activities our clients use them for, such as holographic stickers, logos for t-shirts, hoodies, and advertising. We are actually increasing our business in Bangladesh and other countries.

Get a free quote now and try our vector tracing service to find out which one of our vector conversion services may be most suitable for you, your brand, and/or your business.

Why Choose Image Editing House?


Be sure that when you request our Vector Conversion Service, you get a whole team of skilled designers on your side. We are at your complete disposal to transform not just your raster, but your complete idea into a masterpiece. Some of our previous consumers have entrusted us with extremely delicate and difficult projects. Yet, we've always delivered because we put Quality and Customer Happiness first. Even if your project has an impending deadline, request a free quote. When we give you an estimated waiting time, and of course we will deliver at just the time. We know the different clients’ needs and provide only reliable vector conversion services.


Image Editing House is a fast-paced reality. To work in the digital industry, our experts designer constantly keep their knowledge base up to date. Thus, we follow strict quality measures to meticulously modify and vectorize your image while keeping the quality as high as it can be. Our vector tracing service instantly defines the image that our customer wants. We render a preview photo of what the final work would look like. We can do it quickly because after years of experience we know which professional software can please our customers the most.


As we received more requests from YouTubers and influencers, we realized that more private citizens require affordable raster to vector services. Our free quote clearly describes the different services we can provide so that we can help anyone to make ends meet. We provide prices for all budgets. Our Customer Care Service can support you think outside the box and come up with an innovative and affordable solution to kickstart your project while building upon your successes over time. We can save your design for you while your brand took over the Internet. There is plenty of solutions for you!

Vector conversion services at Image Editing House

What is a vector image?

A graphic or a drawing in vector format is an image generated with proper software through the combination of points, lines, and curves to which professionals associate different colors and shades to create a specific visual effect. To better explain what a vector image is, we normally talk about rasters. A raster image (such as bitmap, jpeg, png, and gif file types) is an image on a grid of pixels, where every pixel is assigned a specific color.

What are the advantages of a vector image as opposed to a raster?

The first benefit is the scalability of the image. This means that we could infinitely increase or decrease the image size without any loss of quality. Raster images will not allow that. Once you decrease the image size to upload to a website, remember you also irreversibly reduced its quality.

Another advantage is the original size of the file. For the same image, a vector file will be very smaller than a raster file. Besides, uploading, downloading, or opening vectors faster let you work speedily and create new customizable items easily without the need to manually transform the raster every time after the loading time.

And finally changing the color or shape of an object is very easier in vector graphics than in raster graphics. If you need to add your brand to a video commercial and you want to modify its color, vectors allow for that change instantly. A vector file lets you experiment effortlessly with printing services and several materials to find the best match for your message or logo.

Why is a vector conversion useful?

  • You could apply our vector conversion services to have your logo ready for ordering new products such as T-shirts, business cards, flyers, posters.
  • Your brand might participate in a social platform, and you need an image to represent you on their websites and content for printing and advertising.
  • To offer customizable products for your clients, you need a vector tracing service to let your customer see the ultimate result before buying bulk orders.
  • As a marketer, you need to categorize, store, and layer various images to create the most alluring advertising design for your buyer.

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