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Enhance your product photos and sell more products online with inexpensive product photo editing services.
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The application of digital technologies to photos has completely changed the way we photograph. At the same time, it introduced the ability to retouch product images expertly and quickly. Now, ecommerce sites can increase the visuals of any product for many purposes, such as to make it more attractive or to highlight its artisanal properties. Here at Image Editing House, we offer product photo editing services capable of transforming any photo into anything our consumer’s desire.

Many advertising agencies require ecommerce photo editing services to play up key features or icons. Photography agencies request us to perfectly refine several materials for their photobooks to speed up an otherwise time-consuming project. Daily, online business owners request our product photo editing services to avoid the overall expense of production of brand-new photos.

Get now your free quote and request an example of what our product photo retouching services can do for you and your business! Image Editing House has plenty of customizable solutions ready for you.

Why choose Image Editing House?


Many reasons can push consumers to request professional photo editing for their images. At first, the requirement to enhance and perfect most of the shots intended for selling, communication, and publishing. However, every customer's requirement is different. When a customer comes to us for product photo editing services, we offer highly specialized studios with over nine years of experience in modern and up-to-date digital methods. Our professional teams use the most advanced programs and technologies available to the professional world of digital image editing. Our previous customers range from big professional studios to local sellers with specific requests.


At the end of the work, the images must blend correctly with the background. Modifications must be imperceptible. Precisely for this reason, it is important to have knowledge and competence in the use of professional photo editing methods. Accordingly, it is a smart choice to rely on professionals with the right skills. Not only do we know how to intervene correctly, but we also know which programs to use depending on the result you want to achieve. Every element of the photo you want us to retouch may need a distinct method. We select tools and techniques for ultimate customer happiness.


Digital photo editing is a field in continuous evolution. Professional image editing is an essential activity, which requires high-level programs and expert graphics to be able to be performed effectively. We let customers select the more useful service for their budget to ensure the highest level of quality and outcome. For example, in our eCommerce image editing services, we provide quality services at affordable prices for any type of consumer, no matter how big or small the company is. We believe in a high-quality service for each budget without the customers having to invest in new technologies and professional courses.

Product photo editing services we provide:

  • Retouching and cleaning
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Adding shadows/reflection
  • Recoloring elements
  • Clipping path/masking
  • Rotate/resize background removal
  • Reshape, Liquify and make symmetrical

Product photo retouching services at Image Editing House

How to optimize product image?

First of all, it's depending on the style of the website, you use or the selling platform you are a member of, editing a photo requires some basic adjustments. Our product photo retouching services takes care of both the more essential and most advanced details to generate a charming result by layering many effects.

Technical defects

When we first think about the progress of quality, professionals mean improving some technical errors, such as a wrong camera setting or an exposure error.  In some industries, this may take the form of correcting cosmetic flaws. To fix some defects in the subject may be time-consuming. Cosmetic defects range from the elimination of inappropriate elements such as folliculitis or colored pixels affected by dust on the camera sensor. As an example, it is possible to get the subject more attractive by whitening the teeth or the skin or eliminating some wrinkles. A product may require a more beautiful look by cutting out a distracting background. However, it is not possible to edit any image practically, if we don’t deal with some technical faults first.

Contour manipulation

Many products we see in online shops have a white background to focus the attention of the potential buyer on the object. This is a basic process of contour manipulation that helps to create a consistent effect. Our skilled graphic designers suggest all kinds of creative solutions. The goal is to enhance the brand of a seller through the visual of the item on sale. Optimization takes place in a multi-step process to ensure the final image meets the desired requirements of the customer.


Every image has a file size. This property can decrease or prolong the time an online user needs to consume before looking at the actual picture. Different versions of the same photo may be required to offer the best client experience to online visitors. Size is what being mobile-friendly is all about when it comes to the content on a webpage. Our product photo retouching services provide both the most suitable visual optimization as well as the necessary file size variants for a mobile-friend website.

Why optimize a product photo?

  1. If you want your products to stand out among numerous competitors on selling platforms such as eBay or Amazon
  2. You have to align the presence of your products to your brand for a more impressive experience on your website
  3. If you aim to improve the speed of your website while enhancing the image by making them lighter in size
  4. Your product would profit from a more vintage or contemporary look
  5. The background in your photos may require retouching to change how the image affects the viewer

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