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Highlight the features of your clothing products to attract more customers with our ghost mannequin services.
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Bringing life to your photos can become very important if you’re trying to sell products or perform a more realistic appearance for your pictures. Since your photos are necessary, we want to propose to you only the best-looking images to keep you and others satisfied.

Having real models for your images can be very pricey at times, making it harder to afford. It can be very time-consuming and troublesome. Using mannequins is a big cost-friendly idea. Whether it be a neck- joint, or a whole mannequin, our company can professionally get you the photo results you are looking for.

Our expert team only delivers quality and perfection and is satisfied to complete that extra spark to your photos. Another great thing about our image editing company is that if your photos do not come out looking the way you want, we can fix those rights up. We make sure that your images leave you and others amazed with the results. With our mannequin services, you will notice that we can manipulate any image into a work of art. You can use it for your valuable advertising business. Our ghost mannequin services are the most suitable to use on a form-fitting object or to advertise clothing

What are ghost mannequin photo editing Services?

Ghost mannequin services are a process of separating the body of a mannequin from a product. It helps to view an item of clothing or a figure visually and onto a transparent screen. Using our ghost mannequin services, you can save time and money to complete an excellent look.

Using ghost mannequin service, we can remove a model or mannequin and combine the photos using our post-production processing to help create that lifelike image to come to life in a picture indeed. Using the ghost mannequin services can have many advantages for you if you want to showcase an item or a person that has worn your item.

If you don’t have a body to showcase your thing, that’s when you can use a dummy, which is more affordable and can be a time saver. That’s when we come in and can edit out the mannequin to showcase your clothes or items.

When you are using our edited services, we can make your products come to life and give you that natural looking appeal you want. The better the picture, the better you or your clients can envision your items. We are here to assist you to get that dream photo you wanted.

How to add a ghost mannequin to your image:

To combine a ghost mannequin with your image, you will first need an image of the clothing with the mannequin, and one without the mannequin. So that the inside tag is visible. Place the two photos together at the neck. you can do this with a clipping path or "deep each". Now you will have clothes that look as though there is an invisible mannequin wearing them.

Pants, watches, and hats can too be edited to add natural volume and texture. These ghost mannequins are not manipulated at the neck joint.

Clothing and accessories that are displayed on the invisible mannequin look natural, allowing consumers to see how your product is meant to be worn in real life. We combine the ghost mannequin with different services, like color correction, shadow effect, to achieve the brightest image possible.

When to use ghost mannequin

  • To add life, texture, and volume to your products, especially clothes and accessories
  • If you want to cut the expense and challenges of hiring live models
  • If you want to show the back and front, or a 360-degree view of your product
  • To showcase the inside of the apparel, as well as the brand and label on the inside tags

When not to use ghost mannequin

  • When you want to show the products used in context, with live people
  • If tests on your website or digital advertising show that live models transform better

Basically, it is most satisfying to use a combination of ghost mannequin and live models. The ghost mannequin provides consistency for your main product thumbnails and photographs on websites or in brochures, but live models add a people and relatability factor. It also places the products into context for customers.

Ghost mannequin services at Image Editing House

Our team is skilled at working with the photos you send in and turning them into the works of art you imagined. Whether it be taken off a person or a mannequin, we can achieve the image with professionally done precision and technique.

We always want to make your images look realistic and come to life to show something different. We want to help you grow as a business and are happy to take that extra stress off you and help to achieve the perfect look. Our team has highly skilled workers who strive to make your photos look great, and we can meet even the most competitive deadlines.

We realize how troublesome it can be to find exactly what you’re looking for. So you have to look no; further, we are here and available to work. No matter what you’re looking for, our team understands we can find a solution to your image concerns, and we complete everything with a hint of perfection. If you want your photos simply visualized with added depth, Image Editing House is the place to go to complete that high-quality visual you needed.

So, if you’re wondering if Image Editing House is the company for you, send us your photos and doubt no more. We make sure to deliver on our guarantees and effectiveness, but don’t let us tell you that. Try us out; you won’t dislike it.

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