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Give an infinite realistic and natural look to your online images in your e-commerce site to increase your sales.
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Does the drop shadow services are meant to create a polished look for your photos and create a natural look for your photos? Shadows will make both DIY and professionally shot product photos look even better. Our shadow-making services will highlight any part of your picture to leave you in awe. Be it drop shadow, natural shadow, floating shadow, cast shadow or reflection shadow, we have a tendency to fulfill your order by hand.

Photos that bring your products to life are important to generating sales and impressing customers. Today’s consumers are getting smarter and they demanding high-quality experiences — which includes product photography. Add depth to your product and your image and make it lots visually appealing to your consumer.

You receive professionally edited photos by our professional retouchers, realistic-looking photos that bring products to life.

Drop shadow services with Image Editing House.

Types of shadow effect

There are many different types of shadow making services; you’ll want to pick the one that best suits you. All shadow creations can make a beautiful outcome for your images, but it’s up to you which one you like best. Some shadow making services we offer is:

Drop shadow: Usually, drop shadow makes the object look as if it's slightly raised upstairs in the background, almost floating. Sometimes, it also gives the object a dim glow. Also gives the object a faint glow. This method is often used by ecommerce retailers to show on-line online product photos.

Natural shadow: Natural shadow is when an image is edited to make the visual effect that the object has cast a shadow on the background and the photo retoucher can choose where the imaginative light is coming from and cast the shadow consequently. In this creation, the object appears to be sitting on a surface.

Existing shadow: If you have a photo that has natural shadows on it, but you need to edit it and make a different background. In these cases, you can preserve the naturally occurring shadow with the right levels of opacity and transparency. In some instances, you will need to recreate the original shadow by hand in Photoshop.

Floating shadow and reflections shadow: Usually floating shadow and floating reflections are other types of shadow effects in Photoshop. This is used when you want to make a shadow for an object that is not on solid ground or appears to be floating in space, or when you have a shadow cast over a hole (such a swimming pool or bowl of soup). This usually used on ecommerce product photos, along with a white background. It is important to do this well because floating shadows and reflections can look unnatural and obviously edited when finished poorly.

How can i choose the right shadow service?

When choosing the most suitable shadow service, it is best to research your photo and choose what aspects of your photo you want to be highlighted. Shadow services can alter your photo in a huge, positive way, and finding the perfect shadow effect can determine the outcome of your image. If your photo doesn’t already have a shadow in it, you may want to look into using our creative shadow services. If your photo does have a shadow, you have a couple of options to choose from, whether it be enhancing the aspects of your photo with added light or drawing out the shadow of your photo. Our goal is to please you, and since we have highly skilled editors, we will do our best to match your expectations with the photo you want

How to add a shadow  to images

In the beginning, it is depending on the photo provided, our team will always match the shape of your object to make the shadow effect you are looking for. Then We will soften the edges of your photo to allow the shadow presence to be seen, creating a more realistic outlook. Our retouchers will always make your shadow proportionate to your image, so it does not create an unrealistic effect. We take the time to make your image turn out perfect and flawless. And we promise Creating poor shadow effects and unrealistic appearances will never happen when using our services at Imageeditinghouse.

Drop shadow at Image Editing House:

Our expert editor understands how important your photos are to you, and we want to make sure you are getting only the best services at Image Editing House. Every image is unique, that is why we dedicate our time, experience, and care, to your images to make an image that is your own. Our shadow services are known to be flawless and clearly and effortlessly portrayed. Our retouchers can tackle any type of photo that may contain intricate details to minor ones. If you decide to use our services, you can rest assured that your images are in good hands, that pay extremely close attention to detail, and the art of your image. Turning to our image editing company to enhance your already beautiful photos is a great step in the right direction. But don’t let us tell you that, try us out for yourself, and you will see the surprising results.

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