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Choose astounding colors for your product variants to heighten the appeal of your product line or recolor a cherished black and white photo.
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Handling a wide variety of customers has made Image Editing House, one of the leading companies in color variants & color changing services. Since 2012, after over nine years of consolidated experience, our studios have provided retouching and editing services to professional photographers, ad-agencies, and individuals globally. Our color correction or color-changing services let private transactions reach the ultimate perfection to thoroughly satisfy our clients’ needs.

Color variants let entrepreneurs expand their inventory. Increasing the number of colors of existing products can lead to a dramatic boost in sales. However, creating all the media content essential to fill the related webpages is a waste of time. Our company lets entrepreneurs ignore the gap created by the need for new photos and images.  From the simple Photoshop color replacement service to more advanced techniques, we offer a quick and effective way to expand your inventory in the lowest amount of time.

Our quality guarantee covers any transaction to clearly state that our customer satisfaction is our chief goal through the whole process of production. A direct communication line with the professional team at Image Editing House ensures that the client can express the requirements and monitor the progress to complete the most proper solution.

Why choose Image Editing House?


Our photo editing studios are the best equipped and complete. We cooperated and worked for other photo studios that required our assistance in delivering astounding editing solutions. Our company usually serves clients in Europe, Asia, and the United States, but we are developing to meet the expectations of other areas that let us grow even more. Every major project improves our knowledge base by forcing us to give more than 100%. Everyone can benefit from our experience, so we share our expertise with anyone curious about taking advantage of it.


Time is our customer’s asset so we will never waste it. Knowing the struggles of today’s markets, we realize the urgent need for color correction services. So, we deliver any project as soon as possible. We follow a rigorous scheduling protocol to make sure that any order of our color variants & color changing services is on point without cutting edges. We are committed to providing the most accurate ETD (estimated delivery time) to integrate our workflow with our client's schedules. That's why we deliver quick quotes to potential customers.

Value for money

You can get a world-class photo editing company performing on your Photoshop color replacement project to exceed your customer’s or follower’s reasonable expectations. Our professional's editors like to work on creative projects and started to accept quick jobs for a reasonable price. Then, those limited projects became the color-changing services we provide today at competitive prices for any professional or nonprofessional enthusiast. Our free quotes speak for themselves in terms of value for money concerning the services we offer every day.

Color variants & color changing services at Image Editing House

What is a color variant?

Photo editing can change an image’s properties to color correct or replace a specific nuance or area. Color variants are the outcome of such changes to provide an alternative picture of a provided image. It is applying a technique to create a different variation of a product or change a photograph’s mood. As highly expert professionals with the right tools, we can use a wide range of visual effects to images to achieve impressive results or add unique aesthetic details to improve a specific subject’s appeal in any photo.

How to make color variants?

Many software provides the creation of color variants. Adobe Photoshop color replacement filter can help change the overall ratio of the fundamental RGB values in a photo.

Applying additional software, code, and plugins makes it possible to reach pleasing levels of success. Anyway, it's quite an excruciating process for anyone who isn't daily involved in using digital techniques.

For any purpose, many techniques are necessary. Editing some more accurate details, such as a face’s features, needs several adjustments depending on the available tools and knowledge base.

Some required functions of varied apps also are popular. They will help to fix red eyes or swap colors. Anyway, automatically generated images won’t meet the quality of professionals’ websites. That’s why we've so many different customers.

When are color variants useful?

If you need to create different versions of a product you sell to show different colors and details.

If you want to enhance a photo with bad lighting or use a more complex filter.

Marketers need to split test always other visuals of each product. So, you need some colored backgrounds for the launch of your latest work.

You desire to request a particular niche, so you need to change the picture’s mood to add a touch of grunge or vintage feel.

If you need to rebrand your products or require changes to your photos after a new acquisition, joint venture, or partnership.

What about color change?

The color correction or change can dramatically transform an image for different shows. After editing many pictures, we acquired a deep knowledge of the millions of possible color correction options that can lead to satisfying results.

Choose among our color-changing services, our photo editing studio provides a gallery of color variants for your subject. By keeping the same structure of the picture and changing the color, then you feel the final image.

Editing is about refinement. Our expert team will completely understand the extent of your public and customers. Then, they will present you with natural-looking pictures. This process will increase your success. The photos will remain 100% natural to your customer’s eye, even though you dropship products that you do not presently own.

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